Destiny: to be the source of positive transformation for both individuals and organizations.

Calling: to bring healing, pastoral and administrative skills to people and organization that transform their future to align with their own destiny and calling.

Chi Ki Transformation Brings Life Source Energy to you and your organization through reiki, spiritual directions, coaching, mentoring, accounting & bookkeeping, seminars & training that help transform your organization and help it fulfill its destiny and calling.

Meet The Transformation Team

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Keith is a conduit of compassion and grace, serving people of all faith traditions and no traditions with an understanding that we all are interconnected and find the source of our interconnectedness in different ways. Keith has an M.A. in Ministry, Leadership & Service from Claremont School of Theology, is a Certified Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing. He is also a Certified Public Bookkeeper, a Certified QuickBooks Advisor.

Keith has a background of serving the Church as the Executive Associate Conference Minister for the United Church of Christ in Southern California and Nevada, as well as, over twelve years in retail and sales. He has served as a volunteer in many organizations, including Angel Interfaith Network, Disciples Seminary Foundation and Pilgrim Place. While Keith remains grounded through his work in administration and finance, Keith has also been called to a unique ministry of healing and spiritual direction, utilizing reiki, pastoral presence and care, multi-religious spiritual practices, and holding space for others to connect with the Divine and discover their own destiny and calling.

Keith’s soul journey toward spiritual enlightenment involves blazing new trails as he learns to master the lessons of life brought by the Universe. Intimate relating, skillful management of shared resources, and profound “death-rebirth” transformations are the journey he has been upon for decades. Keith is gifted with deep insightful intuition and dedication, building upon his intrinsic inclinations toward transformative healing, making him a natural agent of change. The transformation and flux of Keith’s self-identity and personal resources have been such a natural skill and life theme that many of his personal life experiences have afforded him wisdom in these areas regarding how to successfully cope and creatively navigate through such transitions.

Keith has a naturally ability to work powerfully with channeled energy. He is a natural teacher and sage, strongly motivated by a calling to share his natural wisdom and his many years of collected practical and spiritual insights with those who would benefit. Keith’s purpose as a transformative, spiritual healer is also partly realized through his work as a consultant and coach. Rounding out Keith’s natural skill as a transformative energy worker and insightful consultant, are Keith’s nurturing empathy, love and harmonious mediation into his work.

Keith has walked the path of the spiritual seeker aimed toward him finally assuming his inevitable role as teacher, counselor, and transformative healer. Keith has a wealth of experience and gifts to offer the world in the unique signature only he can.

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Zulima is a joyful, caring spirit who both love people and working with details. She was the first woman in Colombia to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores, 2005). She received her Master’s Degree in Senior Management from University Militar Nueva Granada. She has been certified in Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management, Negotiation, Training High Performance Teams, and is a Six Sigma Green Belt. She has worked as a Production Supervisor, Production Planner and Master Scheduler for a multinational corporation based out of Colombia and a Fortune Top 100 Company here in the United States.
As a volunteer in her church and community, she has taught personal finance, business accounting, and basic business management to entrepreneurs, helping them understand government regulations and best practices.
Zulima is passionate about improving processes and making the work of teams easier. Her skills in engineering, analysis, production and process management; along with her authentic compassion, positive outlook and genuine desire to serve people enable her to guide teams to more effective and productive activity. She is often called upon to train and teach production, process improvement, safety and new process. She quickly assesses performance and guides groups towards their potential, improving process, morale and productivity.

Why Choose Us?

  • Executive Level Experience.
  • Mission Oriented Financial Expertise.
  • Education & Experience in Organizational Leadership.
  • Education & Experience in Ministry.
  • Certified Public Bookkeeper.
  • Certified QuickBooks Advisor.
  • Lombard Mennonite Peace Center Certification in Mediation.

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Transformation Awaits

What People Are Saying…

Keith is an experienced, visionary leader. He has the uncanny capacity to translate mission into strategy, keep track of details without losing sight of the big picture and build consensus. Keith has been a trusted counselor in the area of mission, finances, and organizational systems. He is passionate about what he does. He has been instrumental in developing a new working model for our board of directors. I know few people who have a better understanding finances and their integration of the overall mission of an organization. I highly recommend him to any organization. I base this recommendation on his intelligence, experience, knowledge, commitment, integrity, and honesty.
Rev. Dr. Felix C. Villanueva, CEO and Conference Minister, United Church of Christ in Southern California and Nevada
Keith is clear, concise and transparent. In just 3 months he has helped our church reimagine what fiscal fitness and stewardship looks like in a 21st century context. Keith effortlessly weaves business acumen with the witness of scripture and has been proven to be just what we needed at this stage of ministry.
Rev. Edward Anderson, Senior Minister, McCarty Memorial Christian Church
Whenever our church has questions regarding how to better manage our finances, establish financial procedures, or develop our vision for responsible stewardship, Keith is our go-to consultant. We are eternally grateful for the expertise that Keith brought when we went through a staff transition and were without a bookkeeper for 6 weeks. Keith literally kept us afloat by coaching us on how to deposit all our checks for income and write checks to pay our bills. If you are reading this because you know that your organization needs help with its finances, don’t hesitate- call Keith and move from uncertainty to clarity!
Rev. Samuel Pullen, Pastor, Community Congregational United Church of Christ, Los Alamitos, CA
Keith helped us to identify the questions we needed to ask and helped us establish a sense of direction with developing structures and procedures needed for an efficient ministry.
Rev. Bob Wallace, Interim Minister, First Baptist Church of Glendale
Keith is a skilled administrator, a compassionate spiritual leader, and a wise church consultant regarding change management, transitional leadership, motivation and training of laity, and (of course) business administration.
Rev. Mary Scifres, Interim Minister and Leadership Consultant, United Methodist Church
I am pleased to recommend Keith as a compassionte, compotent and inspirational leader. As an ecumencial colleague, I have had the priviledge of witnessing Keith’s in strategic planning, financial leadership, and board participation. He is careful, thoughtful, collegial, and talented. He would be an asset to any non-profit organization
Rev. Dr. Tamara Rodenberg, President, Bethany College
When Keith commits to an assignment, he brings enthusiasm, dedication and an eagerness to learn that are an inspiration to those privileged to work with him. He enjoys the people he serves and responds positively to challenges. I appreciate all these qualities and would recommend him without hesitation.
Rev. Donald Smith, Presbyterian Church USA
Keith is a creative and energetic manager who stays on top of current activities while reading and exploring other resources to plan for the future. He’s proactive and is a good communicator.
Dave Coatsworth, Director of Fundrasing & Board Development, University of Arizona
Keith has proven his extensive expertise in the Financial Control and Procedures Auditing of our financial records. He then helped us “Spring Clean” our accounting procedures by updating our accounting software to QuickBooks in order to present clear and concise financial reporting to the Board of Directors. Keith is an “answer to prayer” and an asset to Harbor Christian Church.
Cindy Barr, Treasurer, Harbor Christian Church
“Keith brought knowledge, experience, and a lot of heart which resulted in a clearer understanding and unified approach to UCCLM’s financial policies and procedures. With his ability to speak so others could hear transformation resulted. What a blessing! What a gift!”
Rev. Paula J. Elizabeth, Transitional Minister, United Church of Christ of La Mesa