Destiny: to be the source of positive transformation for both individuals and organizations.

Calling: to bring healing, pastoral and administrative skills to people and organization that transform their future to align with their own destiny and calling.

Chi Ki Transformation Brings Life Source Energy to you and your organization through reiki, QiGong and spiritual direction to help transform your life and allow you to fulfill your destiny and calling.

Meet The Transformation Team

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Keith is a conduit of compassion and grace, serving people of all faith traditions and no traditions with an understanding that we all are interconnected and find the source of our interconnectedness in different ways. Keith has an M.A. in Ministry, Leadership & Service from Claremont School of Theology, is a Certified Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing, a Qigong Instructor, and a Zheng Yi Daoist Monk.

While Keith remains grounded through his work in administration and finance, Keith has also been called to a unique ministry of healing and spiritual direction, utilizing reiki, qigong, pastoral presence and care, multi-religious spiritual practices, and holding space for others to connect with the Divine and discover their own destiny and calling.

Keith’s soul journey toward spiritual enlightenment involves blazing new trails as he learns to master the lessons of life brought by the Universe. Intimate relating, skillful management of shared resources, and profound “death-rebirth” transformations are the journey he has been upon for decades. Keith is gifted with deep insightful intuition and dedication, building upon his intrinsic inclinations toward transformative healing, making him a natural agent of change. The transformation and flux of Keith’s self-identity and personal resources have been such a natural skill and life theme that many of his personal life experiences have afforded him wisdom in these areas regarding how to successfully cope and creatively navigate through such transitions.

Keith has a naturally ability to work powerfully with channeled energy. He is a natural teacher and sage, strongly motivated by a calling to share his natural wisdom and his many years of collected practical and spiritual insights with those who would benefit. Keith’s purpose as a transformative, spiritual healer is also partly realized through his work as a consultant and coach. Rounding out Keith’s natural skill as a transformative energy worker and insightful consultant, are Keith’s nurturing empathy, love and harmonious mediation into his work.

Keith has walked the path of the spiritual seeker aimed toward him finally assuming his inevitable role as teacher, counselor, and transformative healer. Keith has a wealth of experience and gifts to offer the world in the unique signature only he can.

Healing   *   Joyful*   Enlightening  *   Intuitive 

Zulima is a joyful, caring spirit who loves people and animals.  She is a Reiki II practitioner and loves qigong and meditation.  She works with individuals to help them discern the path their angels have for them.

The Ten Phases of Qi Cultivation

March 29th, 2018|0 Comments

The following is my reflection on the ten phases of qi cultivation as described by Roger Jahnke, O.M.D. in his book The Healing Promise of Qi: Qi cultivation is the balancing and harmonizing of qi in [...]

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Transformation Awaits

What People Are Saying…

My first Reiki experience was wonderful. Keith has a calm presence. He explained the process and invited me to ask questions. During the process I was relaxed.  Afterwards, I felt relaxed and serene. Several days after the attunement I was focused, energetic, productive and calm. I look forward to my next session to gain more self-awareness


I had my first reiki session with Chi Ki Transformation back in mid-July. I was flying from California to Ohio, and Keith did distant reiki on some ruptured disks in my back that were acting up. I could feel warmth and ease in my lower back — site of the pain — as the reiki session proceeded. Keith and his teacher also channeled tangible healing energy into my heart, and I believe his kindness and intuition helped to send some very old pain there away into the Light. I’ve felt better ever since.

I have practiced Level 1 reiki for the past 10 years, and since that initial session with Keith, I have gone back to work with him again. He is someone I trust, and his calm clarity and detailed way of explaining things are very helpful. Two weeks ago Keith trained and attuned me as a distant reiki practitioner (Level 2), and the experience was wonderful. Together we offered reiki to someone dear to me who’d had a panic attack severe enough to send this person to a hospital emergency room. The reiki we did on that dear one made a positive and healing difference, I was later told by the person in question.

I’m on my way, offering further experiences of distant reiki, thanks to Keith’s thorough and caring guidance, training, and attunement. Namaste.


While I used to live in California, I now live in Michigan and finding reiki practitioners is difficult. Though I had never entertained the idea of getting long distance reiki before, I was willing to try. Last week Monday I had a horrible stomach flu which kept me on the couch. I was miserable. Keith did distance reiki on me and by morning I was well enough to go to a Tigers game. My voice was still sore but all the stomach ills were gone. I thank Keith for using his skills to help me feel well and able to attend an event I’d been looking forward to for months. Without his treatment I’m sure I would have spent game day on the couch watching from home rather than the ballpark. I’ll definitely contact Keith in the future for wellness and healing.


Keith is amazing and intuitive man. I have been going several times for reiki sessions and every time I feel lighter and so much better. He helps me to be a better person and get in the right path. I so grateful to him.


I suffer from a painful nerve condition of my face. The Chi Ki Transformation has helped me greatly.


It brought clarity and peace of mind to a difficult moment in my life. I recommend it!