At Chi Ki Transformation, our purpose is clear—to be the catalyst for positive transformations in the lives of both individuals and organizations. We envision a world where destinies align with true callings, fostering fulfillment, harmony, and growth. Our foundation is built on a blend of healing practices, pastoral care, and effective administration—each a stepping stone toward manifesting the future that echoes your destiny and calling.

Our Mission:

Our calling is to infuse Life Source Energy into every facet of your existence, both personally and within your organizational sphere. We specialize in the transformative powers of Reiki, the wisdom and vitality of Qigong, and the profound journey of spiritual exploration. Through these modalities, we guide you on a path of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment, ultimately enabling you to unlock your true potential.

The Essence of Chi Ki Transformation:

  1. Reiki: Experience the gentle yet potent touch of Reiki, a holistic healing technique that channels universal life force energy to promote balance, relaxation, and restoration. Reiki serves as a conduit for self-healing and growth, guiding you toward an enhanced state of well-being and harmony.
  2. Qigong: Delve into the world of Qigong, a practice deeply rooted in Chinese traditions. Qigong combines mindful movement, focused breathwork, and meditation to cultivate and balance your life force energy (chi). Through Qigong, you’ll embrace the art of self-regulation, enhancing your vitality, flexibility, and inner peace.
  3. Spiritual Journeying: Embark on a transformative exploration of the self and the universe with our Spiritual Journeying guidance. This unique path is about self-guided discovery, allowing you to connect with your inner wisdom and spirituality at your own pace. We provide the tools and support needed for you to navigate this journey toward self-realization and alignment with your true purpose.

Join us at Chi Ki Transformation and embrace the transformative energy and wisdom that can shape your destiny. Let us accompany you on this empowering voyage, where healing, growth, and self-awareness converge to illuminate your path to fulfillment and purpose. Your destiny awaits—nurture it with Chi Ki Transformation.

Meet The Transformation Team

Transformation   *   Energy   *    Spiritual Healing   *   Dissemination of Wisdom

Meet Keith: Your Guide to Transformation, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Wisdom

Unlocking the Power of Transformation * Nurturing Life Energy * Illuminating Spiritual Healing * Sharing Ancient Wisdom

Keith embodies compassion and grace, dedicating his journey to serving individuals from diverse faith traditions and backgrounds. He deeply believes in our interconnectedness, recognizing that each soul discovers this interconnectedness through their unique path. With an M.A. in Ministry, Leadership & Service from Claremont School of Theology, Keith holds the role of a Certified Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing, a Qigong Instructor, and a dedicated Zheng Yi Daoist Monk.

Grounded in the realms of administration and finance, Keith’s calling extends to a distinctive ministry of healing and spiritual guidance. His practice encompasses Reiki, Qigong, pastoral presence and care, multi-religious spiritual practices, and creating sacred space for individuals to connect with the Divine and uncover their true destinies and callings.

Keith’s Soulful Journey:

Keith’s soul journey towards spiritual enlightenment is an expedition of blazing new trails, mastering life’s lessons bestowed by the Universe. For decades, he has traversed the domains of intimate relating, skillful resource management, and profound “death-rebirth” transformations. Keith possesses an innate gift of deep intuitive insight and dedication, allowing him to naturally facilitate transformative healing and become an agent of change.

A master in managing transitions, Keith’s life experiences have ingrained in him the wisdom to successfully navigate life’s transformations, channeling these insights into his transformative healing practice. Keith channels energy with natural prowess and is an intuitive teacher and sage. He’s driven by the calling to share his natural wisdom and the plethora of practical and spiritual insights he’s gathered over the years with those seeking transformation.

Keith: A Spiritual Seeker and Guide:

Having walked the path of a spiritual seeker, Keith has now stepped into his inevitable role as a teacher, counselor, and transformative healer. His journey has shaped a unique signature, allowing him to offer the world a wealth of experience and gifts that only he can provide. Keith’s work as a consultant and coach is an extension of his purpose as a transformative, spiritual healer, blending his innate skills with empathetic nurturing, love, and harmonious mediation.

Connect with Keith, your guide on the path of transformation, and discover the immense potential for healing, growth, and spiritual awakening. Let him illuminate your journey and empower you to embrace your true self and destiny. Keith’s purpose is to be the catalyst for your transformational journey, guiding you towards a life of fulfillment, purpose, and boundless spiritual wisdom.

Healing   *   Joyful*   Enlightening  *   Intuitive 

Meet Zulima: Your Healing Guide for Joy, Enlightenment, and Intuitive Wisdom

Bringing Healing Rays of Light * Infusing Joyful Vibrations * Illuminating Enlightenment * Nurturing Intuitive Insights

Zulima embodies a vibrant and caring spirit, deeply connected to both people and animals. She emanates boundless love and compassion, radiating joy wherever she goes. Zulima is a dedicated Reiki II practitioner with a profound love for Qigong and the transformative power of meditation. Her mission is to guide individuals in uncovering the divine path illuminated by their guardian angels.

Zulima’s Heartfelt Journey:

Zulima’s journey is guided by love and a profound sense of empathy towards all living beings. With a nurturing presence, she helps individuals navigate their unique paths by listening to the whispers of their hearts and the gentle nudges of the universe. Zulima embraces the art of Reiki and the serenity of Qigong, finding solace in the meditative practice that enriches her own spiritual voyage.

Facilitating Divine Connections:

In her role as a Reiki II practitioner, Zulima serves as a bridge between the earthly realm and the ethereal world of angelic guidance. She delicately helps individuals decipher the messages from their angels, providing clarity and insight into their spiritual journey. Through her gentle touch and intuitive wisdom, Zulima facilitates healing at a soul level, encouraging profound shifts towards a life of joy, purpose, and enlightenment.

Zulima: Your Partner in Healing and Illumination:

Partner with Zulima as she guides you towards the healing light, enveloping you in the embrace of joy and wisdom. With her, you will discover the transformative power of Reiki, the grace of Qigong, and the tranquility of meditation. Allow her to unveil the path your angels have woven just for you, illuminating your way to a life brimming with purpose, love, and intuitive understanding.

Connect with Zulima, your compassionate healing guide, and embark on a transformative journey towards healing, enlightenment, and intuitive wisdom. Let her light be the lantern that leads you to the abundance of joy and the clarity of your soul’s purpose. Zulima’s purpose is to be the beacon of love and healing, empowering you to embrace the radiance within and find solace in the whispers of your angels.

The Ten Phases of Qi Cultivation

March 29th, 2018|0 Comments

The following is my reflection on the ten phases of qi cultivation as described by Roger Jahnke, O.M.D. in his book The Healing Promise of Qi: Qi cultivation is the balancing and harmonizing of qi in [...]

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Transformation Awaits

What People Are Saying…

My first Reiki experience was wonderful. Keith has a calm presence. He explained the process and invited me to ask questions. During the process I was relaxed.  Afterwards, I felt relaxed and serene. Several days after the attunement I was focused, energetic, productive and calm. I look forward to my next session to gain more self-awareness


I had my first reiki session with Chi Ki Transformation back in mid-July. I was flying from California to Ohio, and Keith did distant reiki on some ruptured disks in my back that were acting up. I could feel warmth and ease in my lower back — site of the pain — as the reiki session proceeded. Keith and his teacher also channeled tangible healing energy into my heart, and I believe his kindness and intuition helped to send some very old pain there away into the Light. I’ve felt better ever since.

I have practiced Level 1 reiki for the past 10 years, and since that initial session with Keith, I have gone back to work with him again. He is someone I trust, and his calm clarity and detailed way of explaining things are very helpful. Two weeks ago Keith trained and attuned me as a distant reiki practitioner (Level 2), and the experience was wonderful. Together we offered reiki to someone dear to me who’d had a panic attack severe enough to send this person to a hospital emergency room. The reiki we did on that dear one made a positive and healing difference, I was later told by the person in question.

I’m on my way, offering further experiences of distant reiki, thanks to Keith’s thorough and caring guidance, training, and attunement. Namaste.


While I used to live in California, I now live in Michigan and finding reiki practitioners is difficult. Though I had never entertained the idea of getting long distance reiki before, I was willing to try. Last week Monday I had a horrible stomach flu which kept me on the couch. I was miserable. Keith did distance reiki on me and by morning I was well enough to go to a Tigers game. My voice was still sore but all the stomach ills were gone. I thank Keith for using his skills to help me feel well and able to attend an event I’d been looking forward to for months. Without his treatment I’m sure I would have spent game day on the couch watching from home rather than the ballpark. I’ll definitely contact Keith in the future for wellness and healing.


Keith is amazing and intuitive man. I have been going several times for reiki sessions and every time I feel lighter and so much better. He helps me to be a better person and get in the right path. I so grateful to him.


I suffer from a painful nerve condition of my face. The Chi Ki Transformation has helped me greatly.


It brought clarity and peace of mind to a difficult moment in my life. I recommend it!